March 22, 2016

Dress Code


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Classical Ballet Dress Code

  • Pre-Academy – Ages 2 to 6
    • Theatricals – Child Tank Dress. TH5517C Color: LAVENDER
    • Ballet Pink footed tights
    • Ballet Pink full sole leather ballet shoes
  • Junior Conservatory –  Ages 7 to 11
    • Leotard  – Motionwear 2643 Color: RASPBERRY
    • Ballet Pink convertible tights
    • Ballet Pink split sole leather ballet shoes
  • Senior Conservatory –  Ages 12 to 19
    • Leotard –  Black
    • Ballet Pink convertible tights
    • Ballet Pink split sole canvas ballet shoes & Pink Pointe Shoes
  • All Boys
    • White fitted tank top or t-shirt
    • Black tights and dance belt (older boys)
    • White socks and white ballet shoes


All Other Classes

  • Leotard: as indicated in the classical ballet section above, according to selected program
  • Tights: Black convertible tights
  • Shoes: bare feet and/or jazz shoes

        NOTE: Boys & Adult Nouveau’s dress code are the same for all classes.

Summer Intensives & Workshops

  • Leotard, convertible tights, ballet shoes and a classical bun are required.
  • Exact style and color is not required


  • Ballet: Classical Bun
  • Non-ballet classes: Classical Bun

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Dress Code Enforcement

  • Students have a one-week grace period to apply the aforementioned dress code
  • All other additions to the dress code are prohibited
  • Jewelry – Stud earrings only
  • NOTE: Black ballet wrap sweaters are permitted in the winter months