October 6, 2015



Ballet Nouveau’s BALLET PROJECT is committed to educating today’s youth in a complete training program that generates the accessibility of classical ballet to multi-cultural communities within Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The Ballet Project partners directly with local community organizations for 8-10 week sessions to introduce the basics of ballet to today’s youth. A short demonstration is completed at the conclusion of the session and the families of our students are encouraged to attend and continue educating their youngsters through the arts.

Upcoming Ballet Project Sessions:

  • July 1st – August 19
  • 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Free 8 Week Session for Ages 6-10
  • Location: Ballet Nouveau School – 608 Water Street Baltimore MD 21202

Only 20 spaces are available for this session and are assigned on a first come, first served basis. No experience necessary. Email info@balletnouveau.org with “Summer Ballet Project” as a subject line for more details.

Want to Make a Donation? Here’s our wish list!

  • Pink Tights in Child Small, Child Medium or Child Large
  • Purple Child Tank Leotards (D5101C) in Child Small, Child Medium or Child Large
  • Black Hair Ties & Bobby Pins
  • Monetary check donations payable to “Ballet Nouveau School” accepted

We strongly believe in the open-ended benefits of exposing children to the performing arts at a young age and the New York Center for Arts Education agrees and also list the following benefits:

  • Your child learns to think creatively, with an open mind
  • Your child learns to observe and describe, analyze and interpret
  • Your child learns to express feelings, with or without words.
  • Your child practices problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, dance, music, theater and art-making skills, language and vocabulary of the arts
  • Your child discovers that there is more than one right answer, multiple points of view
  • School can be fun – playing can be learning
  • Your child learns to collaborate with other children and with adults
  • Arts introduce children to cultures from around the world
  • Your child can blossom and excel in the arts.  Even with physical, emotional or learning challenges, children can find success in the arts.
  • Arts build confidence.  Because there is not just one right way to make art, every child can feel pride in his or her original artistic creations.
  • Arts build community.  Schools with a variety of differences can celebrate the arts as one community.

CONTACT US for more information on THE BALLET PROJECT or to schedule your four to six week session.